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Vacuum excavation

3C Services is here to help you tackle the trickiest vacuum excavation challenges.


From sensitive underground utility works and highways projects to construction excavation, we can provide an operated vac ex service to help you move ground quickly and progress with your project.

What is vacuum excavation?


Vacuum excavation is the safest and fastest way to uncover buried pipes and cables with minimal risk of damage to services or injury to operatives.


Suction excavation technology means material can be safely removed from the ground via a remote-controlled intake nozzle and collected in the vehicle’s tipping container for easy removal or refilling.


Using a vacuum excavator eliminates the need for heavy machinery and reduces the number of vehicles on site, minimising the environmental impact of the excavation process and reducing overall project costs.


Whether you need vacuum excavator hire for a one-off project or a longer-term contract, our experienced team at 3C Services can accommodate your requirements.

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