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5 ways volumetric concrete mixers can help you improve the quality and sustainability of your projects

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The construction industry is undergoing a rapid transformation towards sustainability, and it’s a key consideration when it comes to contract bids. So as the requirement for more eco-friendly practices rises, equipment like our volumetric concrete mixers is in high demand. 

Here’s why…

More traditional concrete drum mixers have been widely used in the construction industry for decades, but they have their pitfalls, such as overproduction and wastage, little control over mix and quality, and limited use of sustainable materials.

However, our volumetric concrete mixers essentially act as a batching plant on wheels, enabling on-site concrete production, which offers many advantages in terms of quality and sustainability of supply. Read on to find out how.

One of 3C Services Ltd's volumetric concrete mixers

How do our volumetric concrete mixers provide a more sustainable solution?

1. Less waste

Our volumetric concrete mixers offer unparalleled flexibility, producing the exact amount of concrete you need right on site. They can produce as little as a quarter of a cubic meter to a yard of concrete, which means we can reduce any over or under-ordering, guarantee consistency of quality and minimise concrete waste, resulting in less material ending up in landfills.

2. More energy-efficient 

Again, because our volumetric mixers only produce the required amount of concrete, the process is much more energy-efficient than centrally mixed concrete.

With a volumetric concrete mixer, there is no need to return to the batching plant for reloading after delivering small loads. This eliminates unnecessary trips, reduces fuel consumption and minimises emissions associated with transportation.

3. Use of sustainable materials

Central batching plants supplying traditional drum mixers often have limitations in incorporating sustainable materials such as recycled aggregates and supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) like fly ash and slag into their concrete mixes.

However, our volumetric mixers can handle a much wider variety of materials. Where suitable, recycled aggregates, fly ash and slag can be used for certain applications. This material use contributes to the circular economy and enhances sustainability in concrete production.

4. Lower carbon footprint

We’re always conscious of the environmental impact of the vehicles we add to our fleet. Our Bay-Lynx volumetric concrete mixers are equipped with features that enhance fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and minimise our carbon footprint. This contributes to a further reduction in the overall environmental impact of the projects we supply with volumetric concrete.

5. Supports lean construction practices

Concrete supply via volumetric mixers supports lean construction practices by minimising waste, providing a quality product every time and logistically enabling better project flow.

As the construction industry adopts new methods to meet the government's sustainability targets, concrete supply via volumetric mixers can play a pivotal role in driving more sustainable outcomes - one concrete pour at a time.


At 3C Services, we supply volumetric concrete day and night, delivered and mixed on-site by our fleet of 4㎥ to 8㎥ volumetric concrete mixers.

Be it a small domestic job, large-scale construction work or concrete for highways projects, you can rely on us to deliver 24/7 from our Northumberland HQ, supplying the exact amount of concrete you need, as and when you need it.


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