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What is a volumetric concrete mixer and how does it work?

Our volumetric concrete mixers combine the flexibility of supply with the capability of a batching plant, allowing us to minimise wastage and provide you with the most cost-effective ready-mix concrete every time.

But what exactly is a volumetric concrete mixer and how does it work?

What is a volumetric concrete mixer?

A volumetric concrete mixer is a mobile mixing truck which is equipped with separate compartments for storing and measuring different ingredients of the concrete mix.

These ingredients include cement, water, aggregates, and any additional additives or colourants, which are mixed on site to produce the exact amount of concrete needed.

How does a volumetric concrete mixer work?

When we arrive at the job site, our volumetric mixer is programmed to proportion out the ingredients for the specific concrete mix needed for the project.

This is done by using a system of augers and conveyors to measure out and deliver the correct amounts of each ingredient into the mixing drum. The mixing drum is then activated, and the ingredients are combined to create the concrete mix.

What are the benefits of a volumetric concrete mixer?

One of the key benefits of using a volumetric mixer is that it can produce a fresh concrete mix on demand, which allows for greater flexibility and efficiency on the job site. Our mixer can be adjusted on the day to accommodate any under or over-estimations, minimising wastage and ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Additionally, volumetric mixers allow for precise control over the ingredients, which leads to a more consistent and high-quality product. This is because the ingredients are measured out accurately, and the mixing process ensures that the ingredients are thoroughly blended together.


At 3C Services, we supply ready-mix concrete day and night, delivered and mixed on site by our fleet of 4㎥ to 8㎥ volumetric concrete mixers.

Be it a small domestic job, large-scale construction work or concrete for highways projects, you can rely on us to deliver 24/7 from our Northumberland HQ, supplying the exact amount of concrete you need, as and when you need it.


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